Heroes of The East aka Shaolin Challenges Ninja (1979)

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Heroes of the East is, quite simply put, a quintessential example of martial arts movies. Not only does it deliver first-rate fight choreography, but it also takes a fresh approach to a cliché-ridden genre. Usually, in a martial arts flick, the reasons behind all the fighting and maiming and killing is one or sometimes all of the following: 1) vengeance 2) a quest to be the Numero Uno Arse-Kicker 3) fighting against oppression and/or injustice. Not the case with Heroes of the East, here the trouble begins with cultural clashes between a Chinese husband and a Japanese wife, both practitioners of martial arts. From there it develops into a fierce matching of skills that sees Gordon Liu pitted against an array of Japan's most accomplished fighters. The whole thing represented in a refreshingly sportive spirit. No duel to the death, no ball-crushing, neck-snapping, throat-tearing, eye-poking, head-bashing and gut-spilling either, and the fighters treat each other with mutual respect.

A must-have for any kung-fu flick aficionado.

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Download the fight scenes:
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Part 3 (75 MB)

You need all 3 parts before extracting.

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